Here Are The Best Ways To Earn Interest In DeFi [2020]

What is DeFi?

Lending vs Staking

  1. Staking a Proof-of-Stake token helps validate transactions happening on a blockchain that runs the PoS consensus algorithm. This keeps the network protected, secure, and organized. You can also offer liquidity to that network, a la UniSwap, by staking an asset pair and earning yields based on trade volume. By staking in this way, you’re choosing to enter into a liquidity pool based on an asset pair, like ETH/DAI or ETH/USDC.
  2. A Lending Protocol is a blockchain protocol executed by a smart contract to lend out an asset to a “borrower”. Everything is done on-chain, so the typical lender doesn’t really have to worry about the back-end tech stuff too much. Just hold your digital asset in the platform’s wallet and a smart contract will do the rest.

What’s the difference? (CRO Token)


Swan Finance Ecosystem




Compound Finance




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